Limited Slip Differentials

Renegade offers limited slip differentials for all of the Porsche gearboxes we build. If you plan to spend a good percentage of time on the track, an LSD unit would be a nice addition to your transaxle.

Generally we prefer the clutch style, but we will gladly install the LSD unit of your choosing. Please call Renegade for more specifics. We will even offer a percentage of slip/grab depending on your application. For street, your best choice would be 40%. An 80% LSD would be virtually all race, but we will leave that up to you.

(NOTE: All prices below include the LSD unit complete and the labor to install it during the transaxle rebuild.)

ZF LSD differentials added to most transaxles: (good used rebuilt) $1,850

Renegade has now developed a clutch style limited slip of our own! After tearing down hundreds of gear boxes and seeing countless different types of failures, we know what it takes to make the internal works of a transaxle live longer! Limited slip differentials have been a weak spot with the typical Porsche designed gearbox; both in reliability and especially in price. As you can see above, a good used rebuilt LSD goes for $1850. What about a new, stronger, billet, clutch type, limited slip for just a few bucks more... would you consider that!

Renegade billet clutch type limited slip set to 40, or 80%: (new) $1,950

Finally, we offer the GT style LSD for high HP or race applications. Set for 80%, this is a must for over 500HP racecar builders wanting the highest quality and strongest limited slip for their Porsche transaxle.

GT style limited slip set for 80%: $2600

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