944 All Aluminum LS Series V-8 Conversion

Almost all 944 owners agree that this platform is one of the most fantastic handling cars ever built! BUT, most normally aspirated and turbo 944 owners have dreamt of a big turbo engine upgrade to get that badly needed horsepower the 944 has always seemed to lack. When they get estimates of the cost of a high performance turbo motor upgrade plus installation, and they consider the poor reliability & performance record of the Ďbuiltí turbo motors, the dream almost never becomes a reality.

Renegade Hybrids has a solution using the General Motors LS Series all aluminum fuel injected V8. Starting at over 335 HP stock, this abundant late-model engine series has become our best pick for more horse power in the 944 conversions. Plus, the all aluminum LS series power plants are actually slightly lighter than a turbo 944 engines. This means you get greater power and reliability at less weight and cost. This is precisely why the 944 is now the most popular German car to convert using a V8 on the planet.

On the subject of engines, any new or used LS series GM V-8 will do wonderfully. Some minor modifications may be necessary, but you are welcome to call us for more specifics. If you are looking for our highest recommendation for a donor engine, we use new GM Performance Crate Engines. Itís very hard to beat their reliability, solid warranty, variety, and especially the price! We can help source one of these engines for you when purchasing our Renegade Hybrids 928 conversion kit.

We have had many customers come to us after spending 10's of thousands of dollars for that 'Big Turbo Motor' I referred to previously. Sure, the initial investment into the engine and turbo upgrades to exceed 300+ HP was a moderate $9,000.00, but the maintenance costs quickly exceeded that figure in as little as a few months. Then, with the issue of reliability leaving you stranded and embarrassed, or dead at the track after paying entry fees, our customers couldn't wait to drop-kick the four cylinder in favor of the Chevy V8.

NOTE: The SBC and LT conversion kits have been discontinued in favor of the LS series kits. Some support parts are still available so please inquire. For 924 owners (excluding '87-'88 924S) looking to do a conversion, 924 kits are not available. We found that the 924 platform could not properly support the cumbersome "U" shaped motor mount that is required. Plus, you would need to change the brakes, the torque tube, transaxle, "CV" axles, and the whole clutch pedal assembly, which adds greatly to the difficulty of the conversion. If you attempted to retain the 924 drive train, not only was it too weak for even a mild V-6, but the gear ratios were very short. A $500 944 would be a better platform to consider in doing the conversion.

Basic Parts List

Here are the LS Series kit prices as well as the options list. For further clarification or additional question, you are welcome to call us at (702) 739-8011 or e-mail us at info@renegadehybrids.com. Thank you for your interest in our newest line of Porsche 944 to Chevy conversion kits.
--- Renegade custom adapter-bellhousing complete and pre assembled with hydraulic throw out bearing, custom hydraulic hose and fittings, and mounting hardware.
--- Custom 12 inch LS Series clutch disc with Porsche center spline.
--- Renegade motor mount kit complete with uprights, billet block plates, rubber isolators, and hardware.
--- Renegade custom LS Series road-race oil pan with windage tray and spring-loaded trap doors for proper oil delivery.
--- LS Series remote oil filter mount.
--- Renegade cross member and sway bar drop kit.
--- Custom 944 to LS Series pilot bearing.
--- Renegade brake master cylinder mount and pushrod.
--- Custom ignition coil mount bracket.
--- Custom bleeder valve with extended SS line.
$2,200 Complete LS Series kit for 924S, 944, 951 and 968 Porsches, hardware and instructions. For design and application purposes, parts will not be sold separately.
Optional Parts

$995 RENEGADE 944 TO LS Series COMPLETE COOLING SYSTEM: Including high efficiency custom radiator, HP puller fan and mounts, thermostatic control switch, 30 amp relay, and pre-wired harness, assembled and ready for installation in the stock 944 radiator location.
$849 RENEGADE CUSTOM BUILT LS Series HIGH FLOW HEADERS: With 1¾-inch primaries and 3-inch collectors. ( picture )
$200 CERAMIC HEADER COATING: High temperature polished coating inside and out.
$245 CUSTOM REMOTE FILTER OIL LINES: One pair with all needed fittings.
$25 COOLANT TEMPERATURE SENDING UNIT: To work with your stock factory gauge and install in your LS V8.
$65 OIL PRESSURE SENDING UNIT: To work with your stock factory gauge and install in your LS V8.
$355 KEVLAR HIGH PERFORMANCE CLUTCH DISC UPGRADE: $100 added to upgrade stock disc included with basic conversion kit. Must be ordered with our Stage Two pressure plate.
$245 LS Series CUSTOM FUEL REGULATOR/FILTER/RETURN COMPLETE KIT: With correct fittings for your Porsche stock fuel lines.
$140 / pr. ENERGY SUSPENSION MOTOR MOUNT UPGRADE: Plus mount modification. $90 added to upgrade stock mounts included with basic conversion kit.
$200 / pr. CUSTOM BUILT POWER STEERING LINES: Cores required. (need both pressure and return off of the rack(Porsche) and power steering pump pressure side fitting(GM))
$285 LS Series/LT-1 CUSTOM CV/TRANSAXLE MOUNTED SPEED SENSOR KIT: With reluctor ring and GM speed sensor.
$140 LS Series COMPUTER: Programming required, core charge $250
$29 LS Series/LT-1 RIGHT ANGLE THROTTLE BODY INTAKE BOOT: 4 inch to 3.5 inch.
$29 LS Series/LT-1 RIGHT ANGLE INTAKE BOOT: 3.5 inch to 3.5 inch.
$20 ft. LS Series/LT-1 ALUMINUM 3.5" INTAKE TUBING
$29 HEATER CONTROL H VALVE: The LS Series heater return loop must remain intact for the required bypass system designed into the motor. If you plan to run a heater, this type of H valve is required.
$125 LS Series/LT-1 OPTIMA BILLET BATTERY TRAY: For cell relocation.
$2,950 944 "BIG RED" BRAKE UPGRADE KIT: Complete with 993 twin turbo four piston calipers and new pads, caliper adapters, 993 turbo rotors, custom brake lines, used late model turbo struts and hubs, 928 proportioning valve, and hardware.
$180 LS Series POWER STEERING DELETE KIT: For manual rack application.
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