914 SBC Conversion

Renegade Hybrids began producing the Chevrolet V8 engine conversion kit for the 914 in 1982. Over the past several years, we have refined it into a very complete, highly reliable and powerful engine conversion. Because of the high cost of extracting power from 914 motors, not to mention high maintenance and diminished reliability, we feel the Small Block Chevy V8 is an outstanding performance upgrade at a reasonable price.

With Renegade Hybrids conversion kits, a competent do-it-yourself mechanic can transform a mild 914 into a wild mid engine super-car. You can buy the kit and all the necessary components for less than the cost of a 914 engine rebuild. Once installed, your Renegade V8 will provide years of trouble free, hi-performance driving, with affordability, low maintenance, greater reliability, not to mention extreme horsepower (if you desire).( pictures )

The conversion kit listed below was designed to work with the 60’s through 90’s Small Block Chevy (SBC) engines. For our all aluminum LS V8 conversion kits using the latest GM LS series engines, please refer to our 914 LS kit.

914 V8 Basic Conversion Kit ( picture )

$560 ADAPTER PLATE: Adapts the Chevy V8 engine to the Porsche transaxle. Machined from 6061 T6, aircraft grade billet aluminum. ( picture )
$345 9" FLYWHEEL: (Add $45 for balancing if using 1986+ engine) Flywheel bolts included with complete purchase of Basic Conversion Kit.
$250 PRESSURE PLATE: High performance, 228 mm Pressure Plate. Will hold up to 400 hp in street usage. Have Stage 2-4 as additional options.
$145 THROW OUT BEARING: Special custom made bearing designed to work with our pressure plate.
$220 KEVLAR CLUTCH DISC: 228mm, Kevlar faced clutch disc.
$75 PILOT BEARING: Machined steel bushing with needle bearing insert.
$355 MOTOR MOUNT: Mounts the engine to the chassis. Bolts the original 914 motor mount locations in the chassis. One piece welded steel construction. Epoxy powder coated.
$60 TRANSAXLE MOUNTS: Allows engine and transaxle assembly to be relocated 1" rearward. This provides additional clearance between the front of the engine and the firewall. ( Tech Article )
$365 WATER PUMP AND ASSEMBLY: Remote mounted water pump assembly mounts to the side of the engine and is belt driven from the harmonic balancer, effectively shortening the overall engine length by approximately 5". Features our Renegade custom, cast aluminum housing, utilizing an aluminum Chrysler style big block impeller. Includes adjustable billet mounting plate, pulley, and coolant fittings. The flow rate of this pump is comparable to many high performance Chevrolet pumps. (Replacement impeller for custom housing = $99.00)
$99 COOLANT INLET PLATES & FITTINGS: Machined from billet aluminum. Bolts to the front of the block where the stock water pump was located. Includes 1" 90-degree fittings. Priced per pair.
$30 HOSE: 4ft. of 1" I.D. Gates Green Stripe hose. Connects the water pump to the coolant inlet fittings.
$140 ALTERNATOR BRACKET: Machined from billet aluminum. Allows for mounting of a common Chevrolet style alternator on the opposite side of the motor from water pump.
$100 THERMOSTAT HOUSING: Machined from billet aluminum. Includes a 1" 90 deg. hose fitting for return to the radiator.
$165 COOLANT FILLER NECK: Mounts in-line on the firewall next to the engine. This becomes the highest point in the cooling system, thus allowing ease in filling, and burping of unwanted air. Has a 5/6" diameter overflow connection fitting. Accepts a normal 16 lb. radiator cap. Bracket for mounting is included. ( picture )
$150 HARMONIC BALANCER: Modified Chevrolet 6 cylinder balancer. Allows the alternator and water pump to drive directly without additional pulleys. Includes a crankshaft spacer.
$18 WATER PUMP BELT: Gates #7410.
$18 ALTERNATOR BELT: Gates #7355.
$3,095 TOTAL

Renegade offers an excellent, custom made, cooling system. This system is very complete system and ready to install. Typical normal operating temperatures will stay well below 200 degrees even in Vegas type heat.

$995 CUSTOM ALUMINUM RADIATOR ASSEMBLY: Installs in front trunk compartment. Includes a custom built, all aluminum radiator, high performance dual fan assembly with shrouding, pre-bent aluminum duct work, and all mounting hardware; partially assembled and pre-wired for ease of installation. Our radiator has proven itself as an excellent performer, even in extreme weather conditions. Properly installed, this radiator will keep your car running cool (180 - 210 deg.) guaranteed! If you have a radiator system from one of our competitors, this is a great cure and replacement. ( pictures )
$120 RADIATOR HOSE: High quality hose, Gates Green Stripe or equivalent. Routed from the radiator to the engine compartment in the recesses beneath the floor of the car; 1-1/4" I.D. from lower radiator to pump and 1" I.D. from upper radiator to the thermostat housing. Very reliable and durable for this application - will easily last several years.
$195 CUSTOM FRONT VALANCE: Custom fiberglass front valance. Assists with proper air intake into the radiator. While this piece is not mandatory, as you can modify the existing front bumper, it will aid in cooling due to its ideal design. Adapts to all model years. ( picture )
The stock transaxle out of the 914 is perfectly usable in a V8 application. However, it will withstand only about 300-hp and 300 ft. lbs. of torque. (Note: Don't use first gear!) Also, the trans will probably not last long under abusive driving conditions. Thus, we offer upgrades to fit your engine and driving needs.

$2,450* REBUILT 914 TRANSAXLE WITH TALL GEARS: While your trans may be used in stock form in a V8 application, rebuilding with taller gears provides better gear ratios for V8 powered cars. Your transaxle will be completely rebuilt** unlike many shops that claim they will do the complete job. We block off 1st gear, as it is a very weak gear and not needed for V8 applications, then we replace 3rd, 4th and 5th gears with taller gears. Your new 4 speed trans will have excellent gear ratios and terrific drivability. Cruising at 70 mph in the original 5th gear (now your new 4th gear) with the tall ratios, your rpm will be about 2,500 verses the 3,300 with the stock gears. Another advantage of the taller gears...your fuel economy will improve. You should gain at least 3 mpg. (NOTE: Trans shipped dry, without speedo drive, clutch fork, clutch pulley, backup light switch and pin. If early trans (pre '73) additional charge required for upgrade to the later side shift setup.)
(Inquire) REBUILT 915 TRANSAXLE**: Modified for mid-engine use with flipped ring gear. Holds 450 hp in street use. Other components required to adapt this trans for 914 use. Please request list of components required.
(Inquire) REBUILT 930 TRANSAXLE**: The trans from the 911 Turbo, completely rebuilt. We do extensive case modification to allow for flipping of the ring gear for mid engine applications. This trans is already equipped with excellent gear ratios for V8 use. The strongest trans available - capable of holding over 700 hp!
Core supplied must be rebuildable.

* Price with core exchange.
** Additional core charge, if applicable.
STARTERS ( picture )
A more powerful starter is necessary to start a V8 engine. Although a 911 1.5 hp starter can be utilized with very low compression V-8's typically under 200HP, our hi-torque, lightweight, gear reduction style starter is a much better option.

$239 HI-TORQUE STARTER: Modified gear reduction style Japanese starter. Has approximately 40% more power than the 911 starter with about � the weight. Weighs in at under 9 lbs.
$289 ULTRA HI-TORQUE, LIGHTWEIGHT STARTER (Stage III): Designed for ultra high performance engines exceeding 10.5 to 1 compression. If you have any doubt, this starter will do the job. With 80% more torque than the best Porsche starters, this monster will turn motors up to 13 to 1 compression.
The engine wiring for the 914 is not very complicated. It is, however, a bit time consuming. Renegade offers a complete engine wiring harness to plug into the factory 14 pin plug located in the engine bay. We essentially do all the messy work for you. Actually, we encourage you to install our complete harness on the motor before you lift the motor and trans assembly into the 914 engine bay. Then it's a simple plug-and-play electrical connection!

Our harness comes completely assembled with each wire color-coded to match our diagram. For AC cars, we have included the trigger for the compressor as well. (Please specify AC or non-AC so we may install the correct plug for the alternator.) Harness prepared for HEI ignition systems.

$195 WIRING HARNESS: With Porsche 14 pin plug, connectors, and diagram.
YES, the stock temperature gauge and oil pressure light in your 914 factory gauge cluster can be utilized, but the sending units on the engine must be changed in order to work with the V8 setup.

Stock 914s were equipped with insufficient braking power. This becomes an area of great concern when adding more horsepower to the car. Since most of your braking is done by the front calipers, the most effective way to stop better, is to install later model 911 front suspension and brakes. Most 911 SC or Carerra suspension is a direct bolt in replacement for the 914 suspension. The benefits of this swap are, substantially larger vented rotors and calipers, built in sway bar, larger torsion bars, and it also facilitates the change to 911 wheels and wider tires. These upgrades lead to much improved handling and dramatically greater braking ability. Also, 911s (911SC or newer) typically have less wear, and have generally been well maintained.

In the rear of the 914, we drill the hubs and rotors to accommodate the 911 5 bolt pattern to match the front, or we just drill the hubs and install new 911 rear rotors and calipers for even bigger stopping power.

We feel that upgrading your rear springs is a must. While upgrades to your shocks are not an absolute necessity, any upgrading you perform will definitely benefit handling and safety.

New to Renegade Hybrids: Big red four piston high performance brakes! For the latest information please give us a call or click here for more information.

$1,900 USED 911 FRONT SUSPENSION: Complete 911 SC or newer front suspension. Includes struts, with rotors and calipers, control arms, cross member, sway bar, and rack and pinion. Subject to availability.
$320 BILSTEIN FRONT SHOCKS: While there are other quality shocks available, we feel Bilsteins will afford you the best handling and ride quality and offer the best features for 914 V8 use. No manual adjustments required - these shocks are self-adjusting for varying road surfaces.
$295 5 BOLT HUB SERVICE: An economical way of converting to the five bolt wheel pattern on the rear of the car. Send us your brake rotors (in good condition) along with your rear hubs, and we will machine them for the 911 bolt pattern and install 911 wheel studs. ($195 for hubs alone.)
$795 REAR COIL-OVER SHOCK PACKAGE: Allows precise adjustment of rear ride height and the ability to fine tune spring rates. Includes new bilstein shocks, coil-over kit and springs. Many spring choices available. From 180 to 225 lbs are most common, depending on application and usage.
$320 BILSTEIN REAR 914 SPORT SHOCKS: Bilstein will provide the best handling characteristics and ride quality, and offer the greatest features for your 914 V8 application. These shocks are self-adjusting for varying road surfaces. PLUS, ride height is fully user adjustable as well!
The weakest link in the 914 drive line is the CV joint. It can break without any warning and leave you stranded. While the 914 transaxle will withstand as much as 300+ ft. lbs. of torque, the 914 stock axles are only good to about 250 FPT at best. When you finally get accustomed to all that new power, and before you get stranded far from home, consider our complete high performance axle kits for your 914. Included are (4) new high performance CV joints, (4) new boots with retainer rings, (4) custom adapter flanges, (2) powder coated remanufactured axles, new hardware, and even two packets of grease!

$699 HIGH PERFORMANCE AXLE KITS: Good up to 500 hp! Sold per pair. ( picture )
(Inquire) Bolt in roll bars and weld in roll cages. (Installed in our facility in Vegas)
(Inquire) Complete in house conversion services including ground up restoration high performance upgrades, and even complete race-prepped cars.
From mild to wild - many kits and upgrades are available to suit your taste. 916 flares are a common upgrade for those who want a subtle change. Or full body kits could transform the entire appearance of your 914. Inquire about references/sources.

A Few More Terrific Accessories From Renegade

$525 each 914 CUSTOM SPORT SEATS: Core required. ( pictures )
$475 each 914 CUSTOM TOURING SEATS: Core required. ( pictures )
(Inquire) 914 CUSTOM VDO GAUGES: Made to order.
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